AMR addon on Wago?

Are there any plans to bring the addon to Wago or WoW Interface? I use CurseBreaker to manage my addons, and it doesn’t support Curse anymore since OW locked down the API. AMR is the last addon I have that isn’t available on Wago, WoWI, or github, and it would be awesome to cross that off the list.

There is a community packager that uses the same format as the Curse packager. It can upload to all addon sites, plus create a github release. It even has an action available so you can automate packaging. GitHub - BigWigsMods/packager: Generate an addon zip file from a Git, SVN, or Mercurial checkout.

It’s on my todo list – just been too busy with getting dragonflight ready.

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I get that. Thank you for the work you’ve done, been using the site since the reforge days.