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I just recently subscribed to the WOTLK section of AMR and was wondering if some of the features from Retail (the ability to swap specs and armor sets at the same time via addon and being able to view the actual enchant names (instead of just the stats they are providing under the Gear section of the addon) exists?

I am a heavy user of the swap specs / gear sets at the same time person and sucks that I can’t find a way to do this atm. Am I overlooking something? I don’t even see anything under “keybindings” in-game.

For reference, this is what my ingame Gear Section looks like.

I can look when I get a chance, seems we don’t have some of the spell names getting sent down to the addon for WotLK.

As for changing specs, WotLK doesn’t really have the concept of a “spec” built in like later versions of WoW. It’s possible we could write some code to change talents, but I’d have to see what the API on WotLK Classic actually supports.

It also effects the Shopping List (from what I see).


Any update on this? I see this as sort of a big issue because the purpose of the in-game addon (I assume) is to make it, so you don’t have to tab out of game to look at your browser. A quality-of-life type of thing.

It’s just frustrating having to have my browser open to look at the name of the enchants because just the stats are listed in-game.

It’s on the list still, but we are pretty buried getting Dragonflight ready for the end of this month. I can’t say exactly when I’ll get to it.