AMR and Disc how do you get your optimal set?

So gotta say love AMR, makes my life so much easier! That said I also tank as a Blood DK and love the slider provided for our toughness vs dps gearing. Is this something that can be applied to Healers but for HPS vs DPS? Right now I find myself using my Shadow suggestions for my disc because it gives me the DPS traits right off the bat. Anyone else also running this route? Comments suggestions love them all, thanks again AMR

It sounds that you might have your priorities in the wrong order, on the left hand side of Best in Bags. You can reorder this list so Disc is #1.

I think he’s intentionally using the Shadow suggestions to do more damage @ragowit.

Actually their is no “blender” for healer / DPS. It have been added on the list of thing to do since Legion maybe ? I have mentionned it but i dont know if it’s plan to do.

Yeah it’s something to think about… but it would be quite a different problem than the tank toughness/DPS blender.

Different because it impact the rotation ?
Could it be possible to do a threshold that say “if ppl are under 0.7 maxheal then heal, otherwise DPS”. It will need a DPS rotation for each healer. Swol will need to find a threashold for each healer avoid hight death number and a DPS output correct.
Then we can suppose their is always a target to hit. Seems like a good start point.

Yea I am using my shadow ARM results for my disc play, I dont need all the healing traits and find the extra dps to be more optimal for running mythic+. Now if I was raiding I would use AMR suggestions for disc loadout.