AMR and Feral - BFA

There have been intervals during legion that AMR was absolutely fabulous for quickly identifying the best gear and gems/enchants. But since feral has been a somewhat-‘broken’ and an often-patched moving target in BFA, AMR recommendations haven’t seem to have kept up to date. Is there a chance that after the 8.1 patch talent changes that AMR might take a good look at updating its recommendations for feral?

We update all of our gear rankings and the simulator with every WoW hotfix for every spec within about 24 hours of the patch. If there is something specific that you want us to look at, please post an example and we can take a closer look.

I’ve been using it for feral and I’ve also done a few custom batch scripts to verify what the optimiser is giving me. I like sanity checks. :wink:
As far as I can tell it’s been giving sensible results, if you get something which looks really wrong drop your addon export, from WoW, here and others can recreate what you’re seeing and then look into it.

Until 8.1 we’re pretty much haste whores though, even after 8.1 I suspect that will be the case. It will depend on what other changes they make though.
I’ve done a few tests with the remaining 25% haste bonus removed, but the rest of the spec how it is, and haste is still the strongest secondary stat but its lead is small enough that higher level items would mostly be upgrades. There will always be outliers though, like items with an even amount of the two lowest stats, which won’t be an upgrade.

I haven’t looked at the PTR data for a while, it still won’t run for me. At least it’s getting to the character selection screen now though, it just crashes on load, so no testing for me so far.

Cluey, this pretty much matches what I’ve seen. AMR seems to pick haste over ilevel to a really significant amount. The other thing I noticed is trinket selection - AMR seems to prefer Darkmoon Fathoms as very high but the other places I’ve seen now list it much lower. this is an example:

The discrepancy between the haste-first emphasis here and what I’m seeing elsewhere is high enough I’m not trusting AMR as a go-to as I used to.

Other sources don’t do nearly as rigorous a mathematical analysis of stats and gear as we do, so the suggestions aren’t going to be the same, even in the absence of any bugs in the simulation model.

The best thing to do is check the simulation results and see if they are playing the game how you would expect. If the answer is yes, then the AMR recommendations are going to work very well for you. I’m in the process of making it even easier for people to verify that the simulation model we use is in fact accurate and complete.

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Looking at the same site the secondaries have haste being the best too, it’s not as crazy as it was though.

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