AMR APL -> Hekili


I was wondering if there is any way to import the apls from AMR into rotation addons, for example, like Hekili?
As i was messing around with some settings into hekili, i found out there’s a way to import alternative apl’s. Generally Hekili comes with the apl’s provided by simc, but since im using amr instead of simc, this could turn out quite suboptimal, or am i wrong?


There isn’t an addon that can import our rotations directly yet. We have been toying around with creating a “rotation helper” that people can use for our rotations - probably in the form of a weak aura.

I don’t think the differences between the AMR and SimC APLs are major enough that you’d have a problem, though. The biggest difference usually is that our rotations are generally simpler (so maybe you wouldn’t even need the addon). We spend a lot of time “factoring” the rotations down to what is really necessary to do the best DPS. Some of the simc apls have extra conditions that don’t translate to real gains in-game. I think the only rotation where you’ll see a fundamental difference in play is Arcane Mage. We use a totally different philosophy on how to play that spec.

I actually have some weak aura helper like you explain based on the AMR rotation.
I have Enhancement shaman (wokr pretty well), Discipline Priest and Windwalker (but it’s not AMR this one).
I was looking to do it for Mistweaver also.

The only problem i have is with caster to differenciate “AOE” and “Single target”; didn’t find a way to do it yet.

I’m not sure if there is a good way to do that or not. One way is to just have a highlighted action for single target and one for AoE, and then you just have to pick one based on number of enemies. I’m not sure if you can check for targets in range or not in addons anymore. I don’t know a ton about the limitations.

Hekili now supports almost a whole subset of SimC conditionals and I think, technically it is possible to convert AMR rotations into Hekili Actions. I know there will a bit of voodoo magic but possible.