AMR App Question

I am playing TBC. My computer has the following WoW directories:

A. classic_
B. classic_era_
C. retail_
D. data
E. interface

curseforge offers the following downloads for TBC 2.5.4:

#1 askmrrobot
#2 askmrrobotclassic
#3 askmrinventory

When I put #1 into both folders A. and B. and use the app in game, the data is blank.

When I put #2 into both folders, I get message that the app is old version.

Can you please let me know how to fix this?

AskMrRobot is for the latest retail version of the game (Shadowlands, the retail_ folder).

AskMrRobotClassic is for older versions. AskMrRobotClassic v3 is for classic era (classic_era_ folder), and v7 is for TBC (classic_ folder).

AskMrInventory must be a mod somebody else wrote, so not sure what versions it works with.

I can check if they bumped the interface version causing the addon to give an out of date warning – you can just ignore the warning though, the addon should work fine for classic era and TBC.

hmmm Still says out of date :confused:

Just ignore the warning – it will work fine.