AMR Best in Bags optimization threshhold

On settings tab for Best In Bags configuration there is an option called “Gem+Enchant Threshold”. I’m curios: is there somewhere the same option but not only for gems\enchants but for whole optimization? Or maybe there any plans to add it?

P.S. sorry if this information already posted somewhere, I can’t find it.

We only have that setting for modifications (gems and enchants). We added it for these because it can sometimes cost a significant amount of gold to change them. Other things don’t really cost you anything to swap around.

But when swapping gear you’re also need to reapply bunch of enchants in case slots that can be enchanted are affected. So, just to be clear :slight_smile: There is no option like this and you don’t have any plans to add it, right?

Correct – we only have the threshold for modifications right now, and don’t have any plans to add it for other things in the near future.

That said, we have other customization options available, e.g. you can lock in specific items if you don’t want to swap them.

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: