AMR BIB suggesting lower ilvl version of same helm, and incorrect traits

The same helm, but different ilvl is being suggested, with traits that AMR shows as being lower value.

Why am I paying for BiB?

Without your import string, it’s hard to tell. But my guess is that you have multiple specs and the higher ilvl helm is being used by a higher prioritized spec.


Import string. It shouldn’t be prioritizing fury, though I can’t see any setting to define what to prioritize.

Also it recommends taking a chest with Brace for Impact over Deafening Crash, which is by far, the wrong choice for prot.

On the left of the BiB frame.
It optimises in that order, so if you want Protection to be most important drag it to the top.

You’re not the only one who’s missed this, they’re trying to work out how to make it clearer.
There will be more changes coming to support multiple gear sets per spec, AoE/ST/M+/Raid etc.

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That helps! It still recommends the wrong trait for the chest though.

Wrong trait according to what @cryolithic?

I clicked on the trait in the chest, Incite the Pack, and this pops up showing you the alternatives for that trait.


That indicates that it’s the correct trait, according to the optimiser.

According to Icy-Veins and the community at Skyhold. Deafening Crash is far and above the best Prot tank trait.

Okay so you’ve found yourself in a situation where you’ve got two recommendations about something.
Icy-Veins/Skyhold* are giving you one and AMR is giving the other.

In this case you know the AMR one is coming from simulation results, do you know how the other one was calculated?

Unfortunately there is a hive mind type thing which happens in the class discords, so you might find yourself yelled at, silenced or even banned if you voice your disagreements with them. But you can choose to gear your character how you want to, making decisions from whichever advice you want.

  • I’ve put these together as one as they’re either parroting what Icy-Veins says or one of the Skyhold people wrote the article, either way it’s the same source.