AMR button constantly disappearing

With the recent patch I noticed that my AMR mini-map button keeps disappearing. I’ve tried the /amr show, but that is failing. I have had to totally uninstall the addon, reinstall a new copy but even then the button doesn’t appear on my mini-map like it used to.

This is really annoying to have broken in such a manner I can’t even access the addon properly. I did not have this problem before the last patch but I am now.

I have no idea why, I get no error messages, but every once in a while when I am able to actually get the addon to open up to acquire my data to sent to the webpage, I go to the options in the pop up box only to find it completely empty…everything missing. I can’t even select a topic to click on for any reason.

Seems this is now completely broken, even with a brand new addon installation.

Unless Blizzard changed something fundamental with how addons work in this patch, I’m not sure why that would be happening to you. I can poke around to see if they changed anything, but our addon has not changed at all.

Sometimes if you get a rendering glitch, dragging the window to a new position can cause it to redraw.

Well I got it fixed on my Shaman, but now its missing from my hunter. Seems to randomly disappear and I have no idea why. Is there not an option somewhere you can click to make it appear on your minimap?

There is an option to hide it – you can try toggling that on and off. You can also try /amr reset to see if that helps.