AMR chooses suboptimal enchant?

My dps spec is my secondary spec, and AMR tells me to choose a different offhand than main spec and put a suboptimal enchant (celestial guidance instead of sinful revelation). If I lock sinful revelation, it actually doubles down and tells me to use a different weapon and put celestial guidance on that (with sinful revelation still showing higher % upgrade). Do I have something wrong in settings? I do have it set to “all” enchants.

snapshot id: 8de1aa8e98a141f1951c466b864098cc

My guess is that Havoc favours Haste over Versatility, where Vengeance is vice versa.

The ranking in the enchant list is a little bit more of an estimate. Best in Bag looks at the enchant in conjunction with all your other gear. In general, Celestial is the best weapon enchant - or at least so close no one could really tell.

I looked at this a bit more – it should be picking Sinful Revelation in this case. The optimizer actually does choose it, but there was a small bug causing it to put the main-hand enchant on both weapons instead of using sinful revelation on the off-hand. We’ll fix that in the next update.

(Long story short, it was a complexity having to do with locked enchants – the higher-priority vengeance spec is “locking” celestial guidance on the main-hand weapon – and dual-wield enchant combinations, specifically code to optimize and avoid spurious combos like transposing mh/oh enchants, which almost always rank the same.)

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Thanks for looking into it!