AMR Choosing Prot Paladin conduits for Ret

AMR is locking in a prot paladin endurance conduit into ret, even when i switched and made it my number one spec/build and allowed it to switch conduits. The endurance conduit in question is unusable by Ret as it is based on a Prot only ability Ardent Defender. The conduit is not even in the list of available conduits for Ret.

Snapshot ID: 32bb7d4e5f7b4448b8f1eff74a563a86

You have a protection setup as a higher priority that is using the same soulbind, so it is preserving the conduits from that setup.

Again, i switched Ret to the highest priority…it was stuck in there. Couldnt manually remove it either without it snapping back in.

We don’t give endurance conduits a value for DPS specs – we don’t simulate or estimate the value of defense when you are doing damage. It’s usually not a major consideration.

Thus, we always favor leaving your endurance/finesse conduits alone. You have Resolute Defender equipped on your character. Therefore, we assume that you want to keep it. The optimizer has no basis to choose any other endurance conduit for ret – it doesn’t “care” which one you choose.

Ok…but i cant remove it…its stuck in there in the tool when im trying to replace it with one thats on the ret availability list. I cant drag and drop another without it swapping back. I cant lock it out without it swapping back. So the tool does care lol.

Here is the snapshot ID again so you can see what im talking about: cfd1cbbe360949c0a736978063b502e7

You cant swap it out. You cant lock it to another endurance conduit. It keeps switch back to the prot one. Also, yes ret is set to the highest, and yes its set to allow conduit swapping. This isnt a matter of the tool just ignoring it…its actively not ignoring it and not letting me switch to another conduit that at least would be some use to ret.

OK I see – yeah the logic that falls back to your currently equipped conduits is probably taking priority in this case, because these are zero-value conduits.

I’ll put it on my list of things to look at when I get time, but dealing with zero-value optimization options is pretty low on the list. Just change your endurance conduits in-game and it’ll update next time you optimize.