AMR Classic question

I can see how to use everything in AMR, but I don’t see where I can select different pieces of gear, then have it build a best in slot around that. Like if I got a piece of hit gear it will change what’s my new best in slot based on now having more hit.

All I see is best in bags (limited usefulness as I don’t currently own every piece of gear in the game) and best in slot (limited usefulness as I don’t currently own every best in slot piece of gear in the game). Where can I pick and choose which gear and have it tell me what my dps would be? I see an option under “best in bags” that looks like “Unlock all” which sounds like it might be what i want, but it’s grayed out. I won’t continue paying for something that doesn’t do what I want, so please help!

We don’t have a tool that just finds DPS with a given set of gear. We only have a gear optimizer, which finds the best set of gear from a given pool of gear. You can use the filters in the Best in Slot to pick which gear you’re willing to consider. Once you are looking at the Best in Slot solution, you can click on any item to bring up a list of items for that slot - in there you can exclude specific items or lock in specific items as you see fit. (You can do that on Best in Bags as well.)

That would work, but unless I’m wrong, it won’t let me pull up crafted gear (Bloodvine set) and raid gear at the same time.

So I still can’t see what my BIS would be as it relates to the gear I currently have. I.e. if I’m at hit cap, I no longer need hit so hit gear is no longer BIS.

Can you just make it so I can look at crafted and raid at the same time? I think that would fix the issue.

You can look at crafted gear and raid gear at the same time - the item lists include all gear available per your filters.

Ok, I found that part, thanks for that. It is missing at least my head piece (green lens of shadow wrath). It only has the green lens of arcane for me to select. How can i get that added?

This is (more or less) exactly what I was looking to do, by the way. Thank you so much for your support on this!

If you want to select specific versions of items with different possible bonuses you can click on the arrow left of that item’s data (ie. ranking, item level and name) to get all the options to select from.

Thanks, I found it. I feel so dumb now. But thanks for all the help!!