AMR Combat logs

I was wondering what happened to AMRs combat log system? It has the combat logs option still on the addon but I can’t find a place to access the logs. can someone help me please!

We stopped doing the combat logs to focus on the simulation engine. We kept the option to log them in our Addon because WacraftLogs (the popular logging tool now) doesn’t have an addon. So we figured we’d keep it in ours to help people who want to upload to that site.

Oh how do we tie it to warcraftlogs?

You upload to WCL when you’ve got something you want to look at, normally after a raid you’ve done. Sometimes for M+ if you’re trying to work out what’s happening.

I’ve even done it to display things I’m testing better, but it’s your choice when you upload and what you upload. All the combatlog option does it automatically turn logging on and off based on which instance you’re in. You can type /combatlog in the game and it will log your combat, it’s a default WoW thing, all the Mr Robot addon does is automate that part.

You don’t want to log everything as the log will get stupidly big, so you’ll want to delete it before that happens. If there’s something in the log you want to keep you can back it up, that’s basic file management stuff though.
You can find the logs in the Logs folder in the WoW folder.

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