AMR Didn't Log CoS

The group I run with tried Crucible tonight and then we went on to BoD heroic bosses. The only thing that got logged was the Champions of Light in BoD. We actually downed N’zoth and had 3 tries on Uu’nat. Then we went on to BoD. We got Champs right off and then went on to Grong and downed him. I haven’t changed any settings between this week and the previous week. AMR has always logged everything automatically.

If you go to the Combat Log tab of the addon, do you have all of the checkboxes checked?

I was playing around with it today and did notice a lingering bug where sometimes the checkboxes will disappear on the combat log tab if you go to another tab like Gear and come back… I’ll look into that. (Blizzard introduced some significant bugs/weirdness with their rendering in BfA unfortunately, and it can be tough to fight against it.) That should just be a display issue though, if you check “Toggle All” it should still enable all auto-logging.

I will check and see about the boxes. It was just that we ran CoS at 8:30 Eastern and then ran BoD around 10-ish. BoD had logs but not CoS. I didn’t change anything between the 2 sessions. Just left CoS and went to BoD.