AMR doesn't recognise that I have an item that it recommends in BiS

Hi all,

Just a simple query, when I run AMR, it recommends Psyche shredder and the overclocking bit band, I have both these items but it is still scored out.

Any ideas why and how I can fix this?


Can you provide a Snapshot ID, please - from the Best in Bags Help button - so all options that you’re seeing/using can be looked at?

Thank you.

This what you mean buddy?

it wasn’t what you meant, sorry. you mean this:


Try clearing your browser cache. I don’t see the items being striked out.

Hi, Tried that again, still saying i don’t have the items, I have both trinkets it recommends, the legs and one of the rings, it recognises the ring enchant, neck, cloak and wrist. but not those other items.

So when I load that, e.g. the recommended gloves in that screenshot, do not appear to be in your inventory…

Do you actually own Gloves of Abyssal Authority? Or is the problem that you do not, but Best in Bags is still recommending them?

It isn’t BiB is BiS, I have the above mentioned items that are recommended (Legs, Trinks and one of the rings) but even though the names match, AMR doesn’t recognise that they are the same (I’ve checked, name and stats are identical, ID numbers match but not in same order.) For example:

I have Psyche Shredder, ilvl 430, +475 Int, equip deals 13002 shadow dmg, 799 additional dmg, 174060, 84, bonus ids: 1472, 4786, 4825, 6513

AMR recommends Psyche Shredder, ilvl 430, +475 Int, equip deals 13002 shadow dmg, 799 additional dmg, 174060, bonus ids: 1472, 4825.

That’s the only difference I can see. Hence my confusion :confused:

OK, that explains it – sometimes this will happen with Best in Slot. Blizzard does not make it easy to figure out which variants of items will be available. We have to figure it all out by hand, and then generate those lists of available items in each slot for your spec. So we more or less have to guess at which bonus IDs Blizzard will use.

But often times Blizzard decides to use different bonus IDs that result in an identical item. And they often add extra bonus IDs that have no effect (they are probably cosmetic or something). That causes Best in Slot to think that it’s a different item sometimes.

We are working on a system to resolve this once and for all in Shadowlands.

Ah ok, that makes sense.

Damn you blizzard!!! *Shakes fist to the skies