AMR doesn't remember Chars added

Why doesn’t AMR remember my chars? I have 5, and in earlier versions, it was able to remember them fine. Now, it will remember only the LAST char it was on.


Shaocarlos / Turalyon

Do you mean in the recent character list? That behavior has not changed… maybe you are using some kind of private browsing feature that clears data between browsing sessions?

I’ve been having the same issue since your last two revisions. I have to input each character every time I want to use the service. I do not have any cache clearing software. Any ideas?

You mean the recent list is always empty? Are you using e.g. private browsing windows in Chrome that clear data when you close them?

The recent list is stored in what is called “local storage”. The only way it would not get filled is if local storage is somehow being blocked.

Also note that the recent list is stored per browser. All of the other information about your character is stored on the server (if you are logged in).