AMR downgrades Call of Flame Conduit (Shaman) from 200 to 184

When optimizing with Best in Bag, AMR thinks that the lvl 184 conduit is better than the lvl 200 one.

snapshot ID: d5501aaa5f9b4ffcb2f7aa095f71561c

The data must be out of sync somehow – we only store the highest ilvl version of a conduit that you have unlocked. Somehow it didn’t record that you have unlocked the ilvl 200 version.

In theory going in-game and exporting your data again should resolve this issue… you might also try opening the soulbind UI in-game, making sure this spec is active when you do so, then export. Does that clear it up?

Tried all your suggestions. Still have the same problem. Even tried to disable all add-ons except AMR.

[edit] upgraded: “Shake the Foundations” from 184 to 200 and it’s giving me the same downgrade.
snapshotID: 7dbeac867b914bb5a3eab1f930afb428

And I don’t think it’s the upload of the data that is going wrong. As you can see it’s showing the 200 versions in the worn equipment. Just the best-in-bag results show the 184 versions.

So it looks like you have the lower level version locked in. If you press “unlock all” then optimize again, it should resolve the issue.

I’ll see if we can put something in to deal with this case where you have a conduit locked, then get an upgrade. We’d have to go through your locks and modify them to match the new rank that you have.

thanks… I actually missed that ‘locked’ items… I can’t recall locking them in the first place, so I didn’t look for that.