Amr equip question

So this might be an overly complicated/long post

Here is my current setup in AMR
– Shadow
– Holy-Raid
– Holy-Dungeon
– Disc

I am trying to make macros to change gear/specs so I don’t have to open the AMR Show window each time.
If I am currently in Holy Spec/gear, and I do a simple macro of
/amr equip 1
Then everything works fine, I go to shadow spec, and then I equip my shadow gear. All is good

However, if I am currently in Holy-Dungeon spec and gear, and I want to go in to my Raid gear/spec and I do a macro of
/amr equip 2
Then it will equip my Raid gear, but it will not activate my Raid talents. I assume this is because it doesn’t actually know I have 2 different talent sets for the 2 different gear sets.

I tried to make a slightly different macro that reads:
/run ClassTalentHelper.SwitchToLoadoutByName(“raid”)
/amr equip 2

However it appears that the /run and /amr commands don’t like each other in the same macro.
Separately both of these macros do exactly what you’d want them to do. Together in the same macro the /run command seems to bully out the /amr command it and never does anything. No matter what order they are in the macro. I noticed that in the tip section the macro example includes a “no arg = cycle”. I’m not sure what this command specifically does, but having it in the macro line does not seem to effect anything.

I assume it would work fine if there was the ability to make a /wait 5 line between the 2 lines, but blizzard macros do not allow for a pause command in them. I can simply click the macro, wait for the talent change casting bar to finish, and then click the same macro again, and then the /amr command will run, probably because the /run command did nothing since I had those talents active already. But sometimes I just happen to either miss or forget to click it that 2nd time.

I’m just wondering if there is something I am missing/overlooking, or something else I could try

It is on my list to revisit getting the talent swapping stuff in our addon to work better. The new APIs that Blizzard created are extremely finicky and don’t work very well unfortunately – sometimes it simply won’t do the talent swap.

Making a macro to do this will be difficult… as you said, you really need some delays and/or event handling to make it happen smoothly, which would require writing an addon.

I’ll see if I can poke at it again this weekend and get something working a little better.

Nice to know it’s on a list somewhere. Thank you :slight_smile: Keep up the great work