AMR ingame addon swapping my soulbind and talents

So for the last month I have been getting annoyed and thinking its a bug when I play feral, But I just noticed today that When I use AMR ingame addon and swap to feral it changes my soulbind away from Nya and changes my talent to bash from mass roots. I do I turn this feature off? Thanks.

Is Feral your preferred spec. or a supplementary one?
If Feral is your preferred spec., it should be at the top of the list that is shown on the left of the BiB list.

For fuller assistance, please can you create/supply a Snapshot ID of the character in question. Thank you.

We added a feature to make it swap soulbind and talents to match those that you used during your optimization. You have two options: first, you could make sure that your setups on the website are using the soulbinds and talents that you want to use with that set of gear. Second, you could go into the options tab of the in-game addon and disable the option to change talents when equipping your gear sets.

Note that the optimizer will optimize your soulbind and conduits for you. You can override the optimizer by clicking on the row of icons at the top of the Best in Bags solution that represent your soulbind tree, and then lock in the one you would prefer it to use, and re-optimize. Then it will consider your preference when choosing other things like gear.