AMR is ALWAYS forcing my Druid to use Dreamweaver


AMR is always changing my soulbind to Dreamweaver and not the one I want Korayn. No matter if I do an import with Korayn activated or just running around, my Druid ends back up at Dreamweaver. How do I fix this??? I have nothing checked under options what-so-ever.

The optimizer picks the soulbind it thinks is best. If you want to override that, click on the row of icons above your gear in the solution that represents the suggested soulbinds and conduits, and it opens an interface that you can use to lock in a different choice.

You can lock in just the soulbind and let it pick the path/conduits, or lock in the entire path and conduits too if you want.

Yes, thank you, that was my issue. This is TERRABLE!!! At least put it under custom, or make it glow or something. I have 0 idea that was happening and I am more tech savvy than anyone in my guild.