AMR keeps recommending downgrade as an optimization


It keeps reccomending me Windswept Pages over All-Totem for Vengeance DH M+, even though it displays it as a .33% decrease across the board. Tested out AMRs version of Windswept instead, and my healer complained that healing me was harder, and asked me to switch my trinket back to All Totem, and I agreed.

Thanks for the report – I think that I found the issue. It was actually very obscure, and unrelated to the trinkets at all, causing a score mismatch between your gear before and after optimization. After the update it will correctly pick the all-totem.

That said, the difference in value between the effects of those two trinkets is not very big for tanking… I really wish that tanking trinkets were more impactful, but it just isn’t the case. If you and/or your healer felt a difference the other day it was probably not the trinket – I’d look elsewhere to figure out why it was harder compared to the previous day/raid.