AMR keeps recommending to go back to old loot then when i ask it again it wants to go back to the loot i changed from

Whenever i ask for AMR to show the best possible loot in my bag it shows this.
But when i switch to that gear even though it is worse, it wants to change it back like this.
and the cycle repeats and i know this add-on is also Common sense but i was just alerting this to your attention if I’m not understanding this or it’s not supposed to be doing this.
Export Key: $57;US;Thrall;Plebman;;6;1;19;0:0;3;.s1;6;;;;;;.s2;7;;;;;;.s3;8;3000000;;;;;.s4;9;0000000;;;;;.q3;5419s9v9b3795;850s7f78v0b33;9232s15f68v5b1;33947s10v-2b-159;3147s5v3b-34;14s6v-1b0;22s16v1b0;2497s8v3b79;.q4;5419s9v9b3795;10082s15f68v5b34;33947s10v-2b-159;3147s5v3b-34;4s7v1b0;4s8v0b0;6s6v-2b0;22s16v1b0;.r;_;.inv;117;42;615;84;103;218;31;302v17b3880;558;70f17v0b-21;147;302;3;581;1363;68;602;123;128;46;20;766;659;149;8848v0b0;3393;25702;7559v-1b-223;4v0b0;4v2b0;34v1b0;11v-3b0;7v2b0;14570$

Gear Export Key: $57;US;Thrall;Plebman;;6;1;19;0:0;1;.s1;6;0000000;;;;.q1;5419s9v9b3795t33;44029s10v3b-125t34;3147s5v3b-34t35;4s7v1b0t36;8s6v2b0t38;52s15v0b0t40;2469s8v0b79t31$

I know the boots are better since I just got them.

Sorry it is not working for you.

Unfortunately, we don’t officially support optimization for characters that are below max level. The site is completely designed around max-level content. We don’t have complete item data for items that are such low item level.

As you are leveling, you can just equip the highest item level items you have. We may add something to the site at some point that just puts on max item level gear as a convenience, but we haven’t yet.

Oh ok, thanks for the response though! Would pawn or Simcraft work better in this situation if you don’t mind giving me some advice other wise just gonna put the Highest item level as you suggested.

If you click the “Export to Addon” button right under the Gear Explorer table, it has a Pawn string. You could use that with the Pawn addon as a quick way to rank gear while leveling up.

Alright so that would work, but like before pawn won’t do legendaries, set bonuses,etc?
It would just allow me to get the simple upgrades I need?

Yeah Pawn won’t rank special effects like set bonuses, legendary special effects, the procs on trinkets – just the stats on gear.

But typically those special effects are uncommon until you get to max level, at which point our full optimizer will rank all of that stuff for you.

If you do come across a trinket with a special effect while leveling, you can just use it if the ilvl is higher than that of one of your other trinkets – that would be a safe bet.

Alright, in short use pawn or use higher ilvls till max level. Thank you so much to both of you for your time!

Really, using Pawn doesn’t even make sense until max level because all of the stat weights you find on our site or others are specifically tailored for level 110 characters.

Just go with max ilvl :wink:

Alright thanks for helping out a new player!