AMR keeps trying to take off my neck?

I have no idea why, it started today. But all the sets I’m remaking (due to new loot I got last night), it unequips my neck for all of them.

Looks like this need a Snapshot ID to be generated to assist more meaningfully:
To the right of Best in Bags is a Help ‘button’, click that & generate an ID there… then post it here, please.

Thank you


Right now it’s the M+ set i have. This i hope is the snapshot ID for that one? Earlier it was multiple, right now it’s onyl that one that still persistently takes neck off.

That is weird… I think that you have inadvertently excluded the heart of azeroth from the optimizer for that setup. That is the only neck item we consider in BfA, obviously. Clear the exclusion and you will be good to go.

It’s just weird because i did not exlude it. In the first photo you can even see i haven’t excluded it. Though, i do exclude stuff often per set. But there are times i come back a day or 2 later and it’s bugged (in sense that it’s acting as if i excluded different items suddenly). Been using AMR for years so i don’t think such a mistake will happen on 3 different sets suddenly out of nowhere haha.

Yeah, hard to say how that would happen… let us know if it pops up again. There’s a chance some data got cached in a strange state.

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