AMR not populating

Just downloaded the addon and went to open it to copy and paste the string to the website, however the addon didn’t generate anything.

I tried closing and re-opening the window - nothing.
I tried reloading WoW - nothing
I tried reinstalling the addon through Curse instead and reloaded WoW - nothing
I’ve tried deactivating all addons asides from AMR to make sure it’s not another addon causing issues - nothing

Any solutions? I’m definitely using the version for Dragonflight.

Edit: It appears the addon doesn’t work during the Drakthyr starting area. Completing the entry questline caused AMR to start working.

I think the issue might be that you don’t technically have a “spec” until finishing the starting area or something weird like that.

Yeah characters start with the ‘Initial’ spec, which is spec 5 see SpecializationIDs.

Yeah we don’t support that – so as you found, just get out of the starting zone and you’re good to go.