AMR not seeing my new Azerite Power

Today I gained a the 17th Azerite Power lvl but when I do best in bag is doesn’t seen show my new level gained, shows 2nd choice box empty but wow says I have a new choice, rebooted, restarted, noting helps? Usually it shows and chooses an option this time it didn’t

The traits in the second ring of Azerite gear are all survivability or utility traits. If you’re not a tank, there’s no functional difference between the traits, since they don’t add anything to your output. The exception is movement speed traits, which AMR will favor, because moving faster can increase your DPS.

I’ve seen this brought up a bunch, as have the developers. It’s not particularly clear.

If this doesn’t clear up your issue, please post your Addon Export String - the one you get from the addon in-game - and someone can look closer.

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