AMR not showing any of the Bladesworn Wraith's gear in upgrade finder for mecjagnome


I’ve used the upgrade finder before, and never had an issue with it not finding covenant gear, however, with mechagnome, it doesn’t find a single piece, and it’s very frustrating. I know right now cove gear is pretty much just filler garbage, but when you run solo and slow, it can be a real help to have. So, if anyone can help me figure this out, it would be great!

Thank you!

Bladesworn Wraith requires you to be a Necrolord to equip/transmog it… the character in the quoted Snapshot is Kyrian.

Right. She’s Kyrian. I’m wearing some of that armor right now. I can take a screenshot to show you, if need be.

Where in the upgrade finder are you looking for this gear – which search?

This has actually been resolved. eighjan was right. It was because I am Kyrian and the armor I was looking up was Maldraxxian. I’m still stumped as to how I was wearing three pieces of that armor set, and wearing some of the kyrian set as well. I just stopped searching for the maldraxxian set and searched for the kyrian set instead, and it worked fine. Sorry for the headache and whatnot.

if you guys close these when they’re resolved, feel free to knock this one out. i found what i needed. :slight_smile: