AMR Prot Warrior stats

Out of curiosity, why do the recommended stats for Prot Warriors differ so differently on Ask Mr Robot to everywhere else? Nearly every recommendation is stack haste to 30% then as much mastery>vers as you can, yet AMR INSISTS I drop ALL my haste and stack as much Vers>Mastery as possible…surely this needs looking at as this site can’t be right where EVERYONE ELSE says something different?

For tanks, we recommend creating a custom gearing strategy for your character, since we don’t have our “adaptive” gearing strategies finished yet for tanks.

The default strategy still works pretty well depending on what talents you are using, though.

We are the only source of tank theorycraft that is using a data-driven approach to figuring out what gear is best, since we are the only ones who created a tank simulator that can give us good data. So, it actually is very possible that what we recommend works despite what everyone else is saying. “Everyone else” is sort of misleading anyway, it’s really one or two people who are then echoed and copied everywhere else. We are not just jumping on the bandwagon - we are doing original theorycraft and are not influenced by a need for popular theorycrafters to like us.

Especially for tanks, there are going to be many viable gearing strategies that will achieve your goal: don’t die. These other folks have found one way that works, based on their experience. It is easier to just tell everyone to do that. It is complicated to tell people that there are actually many ways you can gear which are viable. At AMR we are not afraid to tackle the entire complexity of gearing in WoW these days and offer many different viable solutions, regardless of popularity.

You can often get more haste suggested if you change “the blender” in the gearing strategy options to be more aggressive and care less about survival.

Thanks very much for clarifying that.

If I wanted to create a custom gearing strategy that prioritised haste up to 30% then prioritised mastery>versatility, how would I go about setting up AMR with those settings so that it will then recommend BiS items that fit into that?

Thanks for your help

You would click on the gearing strategy picker, click the “create a new strategy” button and then click the “create via your imagination” option. That will let you create an “imaginary” strategy that lets you input whatever values you want for each stat. You will also have to give values to each special effect as well.