AMR Resto druid in classic


I recently bought the classic version of the AMR.

I’m playing as 0/30/21 Resto druid build (most of the talents in feral tree to get the 20% extra int)
I’m not able to choose Healer strategy from best in bags or find upgrades.

Are the resto druid weights implemented? Or is my build just tricking the system thinking i want to play as DPS?

Best regards, Pastafari - Pyrewood Village - EU

Next to your character name and the “import from addon” button at the top the screen, you will see an icon for the spec that the website thinks you are in. You can click on the resto spec to force it to recognize you as a resto druid - it probably auto-detects you as feral because you have 30 points in feral.

Awesome! I knew that I was messing something up. :slight_smile:
Thank you.