AMR Rotation helper addon based on site data?

Hello I recently reviewed your blog about talent choices and how those impact our rotation, and thought why don’t you guys make a rotation helper based on what talents we selected on the site. It looks like if we import our character from the site into the blog rotation it will tell us what rotation we should be using. I think this is amazing, and could be very useful as a learning tool in game.

Not sure on the limits but I think you guys are onto something. Keep it up, always a supporter.


We’ve been playing around with making custom weak auras that go with the rotations - some specs are easier than others. It would be nice to offer those along with the rotations in the guides.

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I have some here if you want : Wago
Enhancement, is up to date.
Restauration Chaman is broken (it’s blinking all the time because of some range count target available) didn’t fix it yet and doesn’t find it usefull.
Mistweaver isn’t a rotation helper
Survival is working but my hunt isn’t max level so i can’t test it properlly.
Disci is working correctly but didn’t test it enough
Elemental is just a beginning; and clearly not finished
Balance is working
Vengeance has been done at the end of legion so… didn’t try it since so lots of changes.

Could probably make MaxDPS rotations from the AMR ones easily enough.