Amr suddenly changing suggestion

AMR has been suggesting Aq’mar, the Tidecaller for my prot pally despite it being a caster weapon for awhile now because I rolled one with 12% mastery. Suddenly today AMR is no longer suggesting Aq’mar and I cannot even see it on the list of weapons to choose for my prot pally. Any reason for this? Aq’mar still sims better than my prot weapons due to the corruption. Was there some recent change to AMR to prevent caster weapon suggestions for noncasters?

In general we don’t consider weapons that don’t have the proper primary spec for Best in Bags if you have a level appropriate alternative. That hasn’t changed since the beginning of the expansion. Perhaps you got some other weapon options since last you optimized?

And yeah I guess it’s possible that a corrupted item with the wrong primary stat could come out a little better if you don’t have many gear options… but I’m OK with not catching all of those cases – they would be rare and short-lived as you get more gear.

Crackling Jade Kilij is still shown on the suggestions list for my prot pally though…it is also a caster weapon.

If you click the “help” link next to the big Best in Bags section header, and then press Create Support Post, it generates a snapshot ID – paste that into a reply here and we can look at your specific case and give a more detailed answer.