AMR telling me to take my gear off?


Hello, I don’t see a reason taking gear off would be a dps increase? Please explain


I think that item is getting pruned out because it doesn’t have intellect… we can try to put in a check for that, but as soon as you level up a little and get some more appropriate items the issue will correct itself.

Doesn’t look like it, spirit gives warlock spellpower or mp regen doesnt it? It now suggests taking off the gloves for white gloves:


I think we may have flagged items that only have spirit as healer items. While we sort of support lower-level characters, everything is designed around max level characters, so sometimes you’ll run into an issue like this.

Once you get an item for each slot that is more appropriate – something with spell power, intellect, etc., it should be fine.

Spirit does have some value for warlocks, but usually an item with just spirit isn’t that great.