AMR Tells me I need less Haste.... while telling me to Gem/enchant for haste

Diagnostic on Madoran. Guardian Druid, aiming mythic 2-7+. Best in Bags report tells me: Less Crit, Less Haste, More Vers but then turns around and tells me to change two Versatility gems… to haste…

It is also wanting me to select azerite traits for critical strike…“Unending flames” vs… existing “On my Way”

Is this me, something I’m doing, or just AMR not being fully updated for BFA yet?

We have been getting this question a lot, so I made a post to explain it:

As far as the azerite traits go - I can’t say for sure without your addon export string so that I can see your results. There isn’t a generic answer to which traits are best.