AMR thinks my legendary has stats it doesn't

I have a 190 umbrahide helm that I bought off AH. It has no stats.

But AMR keeps recommending it as “best in bags”, and when I mouse-over it shows +58 AGI and +95 STAM (note: Blizz’s mouse-over does NOT show these numbers, it only shows 59 armor.)

What’s going on?

Could you give me a snapshot to test this? Press the “help” link next to the big Best in Bags section header, then press Create Support Post, and copy the generated snapshot ID here.

These items actually do have stats on them, but the game hides/ignores them until you turn it into a legendary. With your snapshot I can try to figure out if Blizzard is doing anything special to hide them, or if we just have to do it manually.

Snapshot ID: c9ef5307c3a1499fa4ce31ce138adc03

Yeah, I got reamed out in a BG because people said I was wearing a helmet with no stats. Calling me a troll, harassing me, etc. Not your fault certainly, but I also couldn’t explain to them why I was wearing it.

Thanks – yeah I’ll add an adjustment in the next site update. For now you can just exclude that item from optimizations until that fix goes live.

cool cool, thank you