AMR vs <insert other site offering similar purposes>

This topic is by way of an observation & relates to some threads that have been posted here questioning the integrity of the sites’ findings/results.

While AMR is here to offer tools to assist with gearing strategies & their optimisations, all results generated have one common end-goal: suggestion/recommendation. What does this mean? The one thing is doesn’t mean is that results generated are FACTS or give any inference that THIS IS or YOU MUST.

If at any point you find yourself - as a user of AMR - in any doubt as to this being the case, can I take it upon myself, on behalf of AMR, to assure users that this is not the case. Equally, I would like to offer that if anyone using the tools that AMR offers finds that the results generated are at odds with another site that you use/prefer & that your visit is by way of comparison, please note the above and try to either:

  1. Accept that differences are possible & no less valid than any other individual opinion.
  2. Approach the use of AMR & it’s tools with an open mind; rather than take the findings offered as ‘wrong’, either calmly reject them & walk away or add them to a pool of data to be creatively integrated.

Thank you for reading this & please feel free to query your findings in the appropriate forum category.

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