AMR website not showing my current ilvl

I copy the text in the game like I’ve done a million times. I’m 377 but the website says I’m 376. This needs to be accurate otherwise I’m wasting serious gold purchasing enchants and gems and trying to run dungeons and raids for gear upgrades that may not even need to be run if AMR isn’t showing my correct current toon equipment. This needs to be addressed seriously.

If you post the string of data that you copy from the addon to the website, we can take a look and see why the item level might be showing up differently.

I’m having a similar issue, there seems to be a discrepancy in ilvl calculation between different sources.

My in-game character sheet and the armory match, at (324). Exorsus Raid Tools and AMR match at (322).

Addon Export:

With the gear that you provided, your average item level is most definitely 322 (if you average them all together).

The only way it would be different is if some of your gear is actually a different item level. If you look at each specific item, do any of them show a different item level in-game vs. on the site?

If all the item levels match… the only other thing I can think is that maybe the game used the highest item level of your two weapons for both weapon slots… and not the actual item level of your weapons? If I do that, then I get 324.93 as shown… that would be weird though… has it always done that?

And just to be clear: it doesn’t really matter from a gear optimization perspective. Your average item level is just used for display, not to do any calculation. The actual stats on your gear is what matters.

I did manually compare every piece of gear before I posted, the item levels match.
I don’t remember them ever being mismatched before, and I played Frost DK for a while, I imagine I would have noticed. Very strange.

Post the string publicly? No way, if this forum community is even remotely toxic as wow forums I would open myself up to ridicule as I do go there when asking for help. Anyway to sending it privately? AMR still saying I have 375 head gear when I clearly do not, not in my bank or bags.

No toxicity of any kind is allowed on this forum. You can send private messages on this forum as well if you prefer, but you’ll get no grief for posting it publicly.

My guess is you have a 370 azerite item, but once you pick the last trait, it increases its ilvl by 5 to 375.

Yea, that was it. There was a last trait that took it to 375. Don’t know how you knew that, but you were correct, thank you