AMR/WOTLK Erratic reco's on Unholy DK Boots (and weps, etc)

Snapshot: 0ab4d4cd992d4aa2988d7e4f376da7e2

So gearing out my Unholy DK, all of a sudden it’s telling me NOT to use my Titansteel Bonecrusher, Grasscutter, Sigil of the Wild Buck, and even my newly acquired Death-Inured Sabatons. Prior to this evening, it always seemed to recommend those (and this is in line with other pre-raid BIS sims and guides). Comparing the boots I had (Rift Striders) with the Death-Inured Sabatons, specifically, seems insanely silly [Sabatons are +16 crit, + blue socket, -12 stam from the Rift Striders]. Why would I trade crit and a socket for 12 stam? Not to mention the weapons, where The Bonecrusher/Grasscutter seem to sim out SUBSTANTIALLY higher than Reaper/Interrogator. Am I just missing something there?

My 2 chars so far that I play the most are my enhance Shaman and this DK; I’m unfortunately trusting AMR less so far with these toons than I did all TBC. Appreciate the hard work, though, and look forward to your thoughts.

All of these things you are seeing happen because you have set Blood as your higher priority spec. Those better weapons are being rune-forged for tanking, which makes using the lesser weapons with dps-appropriate runeforges more optimal.

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I see. Have never noticed that behavior before…I will dig into thank. Appreciate the response!