AMR: WotLK - Holy Paladin enchant issues

snapshot ID: a4000d0a9b034216a54a079037cc1744

I’m using the simulator for my WotLK holy paladin. I’m using a tbc +30 intellect weapon enchant, but the sim does not consider this enchant to be an option, which is causing the “find upgrade” feature to bug out as it cant consider the new weapons with this +30 intellect option, but instead will assume the other weapons would be enchanted with one of the available wotlk enchants like +63 spell power. Please add the +30 intellect to weapon enchant from TBC to the available weapon enchant options.

I’m also having an issue where Sapphire Spellthread (+50 sp, +30 stam) is not showing as a leg enchant option, and it appears that AMR isn’t recognizing it as an enchant on my existing pants. When I sim it, it shows that I have to add “master’s spellthread”. (Master’s spellthread is tailoring only version, and I don’t even have tailoring). I would like Sapphire Spellthread to be added to leg enchant options and recognized correctly.

ok we can add those enchants