An item in your junk list could not be found

Import gear. Select Worst in bags; send to addon. Import list. See this error: “An item in your junk list could not be found.”

Snapshot: e0d29ebd15dd45d3af74c55de8a9ce77

Do you know which item it can’t find in the addon?

No. The error doesn’t say. That’s part of the problem.

Are you able to determine by going through the list? Unfortunately addon issues like this can be tough to troubleshoot because I can’t try out your specific case in-game.

Or, you could try using the filters and exclusions on Worst in Bags to make your junk list really small, see if you still get the error, then start adding items back to the junk list to see when the error pops up again.

I guess I’m asking for the error message to be changed to answer your first question, and mine: What is allegedly missing?

I determined that it was the Vizier Leggings of the Invoker, which I did have. I have discarded them, and the error went away.

Are those an item with random stats? It’s possible there was some kind of mismatch in the bonus IDs, or blizzard did something weird with how those items are specified – they do that from time to time.