Antorus Items messing up Gear Optimizer

Perhaps I am doing soemthing wrong, or missing an option, but I was simming my frost mage yesterday and the gear optimizer was listing all items from Antorus (which aren’t available yet) and I couldn’t see how to exclude those.

I was looking to do some quick runs for specific pieces of gear on an alt I haven’t played much since NH.

I wanted to just eyeball a few pieces and see where I should run to try for them but the list was mainly stuff that I couldn’t run if I wanted to.

I know the next raid is coming out soon, but shouldn’t that be an option to show/exclude since some people may be wanting to plan their Antorus gear strat, but others might want to see what still best now?

Thanks in advance.

Click the “funnel” shaped icon at top-middle of the page in the main toolbar. From there, you can hide Antorus gear (and have fine-grained control over all raid gear).

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Thanks alot! I completely missed that.