Antumbra, wrong budget?


I am trying to understand why Antumbra sims much much lower with AMR than other weapons, while it is hands on the most recommended weapon for elemental shaman.

When doing a sim on AMR (Simulation Report) the buffs reads: “grants 7 vers and speed” at 311 item level.

In game, it is 11 vers and speed, but this might also be a tooltip issue.

I tried checking the theoricraft wiki, but the ItemRatingBudget does not seem to be available, so I can’t double check the calculation.

Could you take a look?

Sometimes the tooltips don’t have the right context to scale on the simulator – the value in the simulator does come out to 11 versatility at ilvl 311.

You can verify things like this by setting the report type to Log to generate a sample combat log, then simulate. Here is an example with that weapon:

If you go to the log section, you can see the first application of the buff at time -0.099, and it shows the amount actually used in the simulation in the log lines just below the buff application.

Thank you for the investigation!

It looks like the problem is in the Best in Bags then:
Best in Bags recommends me to swap Antumbra for Signe’s Sonorous Scramaseax (snapshot 24293b8ec9224a1bb757cea67eb50c21).

However, when doing the sim, Antumbra sims a bit higher:
Antumbra: Simulation Report
Signe’s Sonorous Scramaseax: Simulation Report

What do you think would cause this?

I’ll take a look, I think that the estimate might be too low for it… when I run simulations it has a lot higher stack count on average than the optimizer estimate is assuming.

Well I think the estimate is a decent average… my guess is that the timing of the larger buff is working out really well, better than just average stats would predict. I’ll see if we can tweak it.