Any way we can get a button for the new Orb Build for Frost mages?

We could make a rotation for it that you can use in the simulator if you’d like. I can also add it to the rotation analysis section of the guide to see how much of a potential dps increase the build could be under optimal circumstances, for science.

Id love if we could use it with best in bags… since I dont play the standard rotation Im having to use raidbots ATM to sim which gear is best.

The only way to get it to work with best in bags is to make it the default “way to play” when the appropriate gear/talents are chosen. I will see if I can come up with a consistent set of rules where we can safely say: you should change your rotation if this is your Azerite/talents chosen.

It looks like the dps gain is large enough that if you are building for this, you really should be doing it.

Any luck? :slight_smile: On most charts orb build is better single target and multi target dps

The optimizer is already recognizing the orb build. If you have the talents and traits available, it will try to build for it if it is optimal for you.

AWESOME - trying now!