Anyway to compare lower level cheaper legendaries?

When looking at best legendaries, all it offers is the higher rank ones. Would love to look at the 190 and 210 versions. On my realm they are pretty expensive at 200k some of them but the 190’s can be as cheap as 250 gold. Wanting to see the difference in value between the levels.

Most of the power of a good legendary is in the power itself – the difference from one ilvl to the other isn’t as big a deal. If you can only afford a cheaper version, go ahead and make it.

The legendary power itself does not scale with item level – it’s just more stats on the base item.

You can read more on how the legendary rankings work here: Shadowlands Legendary Rankings

dont the missives scale with level?

Yeah i just checked to confirm. My 190 shoulders secondary stats are 43, 44 strength, and 70 stam. The 235 rank 4 of the same shoulders is 55 secondary stats, 66 strength, 124 stam, and of course more armor. So ignoring the proc and the other stuff…its just the same as any other piece and comparing them to different ilevels. Like getting a higher item level of the same item you are wearing from your vault. Would love to be able to compare.

Even the upgrade finder says its over a 10% upgrade to get the same shoulders im wearing but the rank 3 version of them. Here is the snapshot id: c1a27f6449ac44c6b24c82b0a338e50f

If its a 10% upgrade for rank 3…what is it for rank 4 or rank 2? or is that percentage not accounting for my current legendary?

Read the post that I linked in full – it describes that the legendary ranking is much different than the other upgrade finder rankings. It is not relative to your current gear, as most people want to plan ahead when choosing their legendaries due to the time/cost.

All the stats on the legendary scale with item level just as all other items: strength, stamina, crit, etc. But the legendary effect itself is the same power regardless of the item level of the item. The small increase in stats going from e.g. the ilvl210 to the ilvl225 version is very small compared to the power of the legendary effect itself. The most important thing is to get the strongest legendary powers first, even if it’s on a 190 item. Then as gold/soul ash allows, upgrade it to higher ilvl versions as you see fit. The gain from doing so won’t be any better than upgrading any of your other slots by a similar ilvl though. You could compare the gains between any other two items with a similar ilvl gap to get a ballpark.

Ok…but say i have the 190…id like to see what my gold gets me if i upgrade to the 210…or should i just save for the 235…if i buy individually thats more cost to me than if i just jump ahead. or should i just wait it out till it gets cheaper if its say a small increase for me.

Thats the whole point of using AMR is to compare gear. We do it all the time comparing say a mythic+10 item vs a mythic+11 item of the same type. Take the ring Stitchflesh’s Misplaced Signet. Mythic+6 is at 1.42% increase at 107haste/59vers. Mythic+7 is at 1.58% increase at 111haste/66vers. Thats 3 item level difference, 4 haste and 7 vers difference…pretty small…gets me a 0.16% increase. It would be good to know the same thing going from 190 to 210 to 225 to 235. Most things we are looking at later in the game are sub percent increases to try and maximize things.

I understand the proc doesnt change, but remove that from the equation and its just like every other piece we try to compare to min/max things.

Use the “Add to my bag” upgrade finder search and add the two versions you’d like to compare.

Ok that works. When set to full offense my legendary shoulders show upgrades with the rank 4 being a 2% upgrade. But what is weird is when set to full toughness the rank 3/4 are upgrades but the rank 2 is a downgrade from my rank 190. Not sure why it would be a downgrade when comparing just the 4 items unless its not in a vacummn still due to different comparisons on these pieces.

Snapshot ID: 8d152224bb5f47c9ba52fce4aaea67c0

Yeah don’t worry about that – the “add to my bag” and “great vault” rankings use a different approach than the other list rankings. You can read more here: The Great Vault Upgrade Finder Search

If you own an item we set it to zero and show it as “owned” for clarity. It might actually be a downgrade though were you to equip it. But many people found that display to be confusing. In this case you would need to go up to the 225 version or higher for the legendary to be an upgrade with the other gear currently in your bags.

Well yeah it is equipped, i just added it to the list for comparison purposes. Just a bit surprised a higher item level of the same piece would be considered a downgrade when it gives more stats. 0% upgrade sure but a downgrade is definitely confusing.

Read my previous post, it explains this:

If you own an item we set it to zero and show it as “owned” for clarity. It might actually be a downgrade though were you to equip it.

That’s why in this case they appear “out of order” in the list. This case is pretty rare though – so we still think it’s better to display it as we are for the majority of cases.

Bottom line: both the 190 and 210 versions are downgrades.