AoE/Single Target Gear Sets

I’ve started using two differente gear sets for raid fights, depending on if it’s ST or AoE. I noticed that when I change my talent from AoE to ST the Mr. Robot addon changes my gear to the ST gear set. However, when I change to my AoE talents it does not change my gear, I have a separate gear set saved that I manually change to. Is there a way to set Mr. Robot up so that all I have to do is change talents and it will swap gear both ways?

Not yet, but we are going to add the ability to save multiple gear sets in the near future. Maybe before ToS, or within the first couple weeks.

Did this ever get added? I would love love love, the ability to rank ST/AoE gear sets in the list of specs :slight_smile:

Not yet, but it’s still high priority.