App QOL Suggestions

Hi AMR Devs,

I checked for areas on the site where suggestions for QOL improvements could go but nothing became immediately apparent to me. As such, I have a couple of suggestions that could make life using your service simpler, specific to Domination Shards

First, I appreciate that in the Optimizer, users are able to select preferences for weapon type, gem/enchant quality, conduit respec and regemming. It would be useful if users were also able to select which Domination set bonus they would prefer, where no preference would function as it is now and setting a preference for a specific set would suggest gear that complements that set bonus.

Secondly, within the addon, pre-Dom Shards everyone has an understanding of what color gem corresponds to which secondary stat. However, with Dom Shards, 3 sets of 3 have the same icon and when swapping between Shards on gear it is necessary to hover over each shard to identify specifically what it is. This becomes tedious when trying to swap sets multiple times quickly. A line of short text next to the gem, similar to what shows up for enchants, such as, “Bek,” or “Rev,” would make life much easier.

These are obviously just suggestions. I am nevertheless happy with the tuning and frequent updates to AMR to ensure players are provided with their ideal gear.


I can add a label for the shards to make them easier to distinguish in the gear table.

I’ll see if we can add a preference option for the shard bonus… that one might be a little trickier to implement, so I’ll need to think about the best way to do it.

That said, the bonuses are actually pretty easy to estimate – I think it would be rare that someone would want a different bonus than what the optimizer chooses. Do you have a case where you think it is choosing the wrong shard bonus, or a use case where you would prefer one that technically scores worse?