AQ20 Class Books

I got the multi-shot rank 5 book for my classic hunter and started to wonder, are these books included in the simulation for best in bags and best in slot? Unless its in the import code, there are no options for whether or not you have the books for your upgraded ranks. Does the simulation for phase 5 assume you have them or does it ignore them?

Out of curiosity, will the upgraded multishot book raise the value of the giantstalker 8pc, will the aspect of the hawk book raise the value of the dragonstalker 3pc?

I think I have some placeholder code in there for the rank of multi-shot. I meant to add a setting for it, although maybe it would be easier to just assume people have rank 5?

I talked to Swol – I think we’ll add a setting to toggle on/off the higher AQ ranks of spells for all specs, just a simple checkbox probably like “Have AQ Books” or something.

For the ones that impact raid buffs, we’ll probably just assume that whoever is providing your raid with the buff has the book.

Thank you for your replies. A checkbox makes sense but if it takes too long to implement, I do think it makes sense to assume its the higher rank in the meantime. Eventually everyone will have the books, even those that aren’t able to run aq20 as much can buy them on the auction. It just might take a few weeks for the price to go down. For best in slot gear, you’d want the best in slot ranks.

It shouldn’t take long – hopefully tomorrow or the next day we’ll have an update with the option. It will default to “on” to assume you have the spell books.

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This feature is now live.

I thought I set it to default to “on”… but you may need to manually check the “Have Spell Books” option for existing setups.

Thank you for implementing this. I just wanted to bring one thing to your attention. The class books checkbox keeps deselecting everytime I load or refresh the page in the best in slot and best in bag setups. Every other option such as fight length, raid buffs, etc stay the same.

I’ll look into that – we’re doing a big site update next Tuesday for the Shadowlands pre-patch, which will also contain a few bug fixes for Classic.