Arcane mage wotlk issues

the first one is the default arcane spec when i click the arcane button in the spec button at the top. i didnt add debuffs or anything yet

this is after i fix the spec to arcane. I don’t think it is using the right spells because it doesnt seem to want me to change a thing but I could be wrong. it is having me gem a lot more haste. but im just worried because i couldn’t get a default arcane spec.

When you switch spec using the spec button at the top, it will use the last talents you set for that spec on the website. If you’ve never looked at it on the website before, it will just use the talents you currently have picked - in that case it was your fire spec’s talents. Once you change them, the site will remember those talents for your arcane spec.

The code is definitely using the right spells for arcane. The gear you have on is the best because a lot of the other gear in your bags (that is high item level) has a hit on it, which you don’t need more of (you actually still have a little too much, but the optimizer can’t get rid of enough without lowering the score). Also, our calcs do prefer haste to other secondary stats like crit for arcane.

It’s a bit of a coincidence in this case that nothing changed due to the gear you have available - the scoring function is working!