Arcanum of Rapidity vs Falcon's Call (Hunter MM 20/31/0)

AMR has been helpful but I had a question about the head enchant on my mm hunter (my bib id: 5fdf199f03124583bf59aa9cffc6a95d)

In Best in slot, falcons call is the goto head enchant. For now, my best in bag suggests using rapidity 1% haste at a large gain in dps over any other enchant. I believe it’s due to the weapon speed being below 3.0, Rok’delar has 2.9 speed. Why is rapidity better exactly in this case? I also read that this enchant only affects melee swing timers and not range.

From what I could find, at some point in classic they fixed this and other “haste” enchants to also affect ranged attacks. So we are working on the assumption that this fix is active in the game right now. Since it’s only 1%, it’s a little hard to test though…

As for why it is ranking higher, I’d have to look into it… my guess is that it has something to do with the fight length and our model lining up just right that an extra attack is fitting in with that 1% extra haste. If you e.g. drop your quiver to 14%, it no longer suggests it. If you increase the fight length, you’ll see the value of the haste enchant start to drop until eventually it is not recommended.

I’ll see if we can tweak the model to be less sensitive to small changes in attack speed like this… though in reality, it could be a “thing” if you are really doing 30-second fights. Squeezing in one extra attack could indeed give you a 1-2% jump in DPS.

Thank you for looking into it. I had t1 enchanted with rapidity and thought I remember it being a little better. I wanted to enchant t2 this way but I didn’t want to go to the trouble of getting a new idol for it when I upgrade my weapon if the change was very minor.