Are 8.3 Engineering goggles azerite abilities simulated well?

Hey there. I just finished the slog to craft tier 2 Engineering goggles; ilvl 460 (465 with azerites slotted). I was surprised Mr. Robot still recommends my WindWalker wear some 435 armor with much lower stats (-321 agility!), saying it’s still +1% DPS. Also doesn’t like the new goggles in MistWeaver spec, saying -1.2% HPS compared to my other 465 hat.

The only thing that could explain that is the Azerite traits. I sort of believe that for MW, but am genuinely surprised for WW. Which led me to ask; does the Mr. Robot simulation do a good job with the special azerite engineering abilities?

Honestly I’m not knowledgeable enough about game mechanics to question the great Mr. Robot, but I’m still pretty surprised at what I’m seeing. Any thoughts?

Snapshot ID: 8571986ff9a544aba9af8b9f85fdd78f

It is quite disappointing (I am also an engineer on my main character in-game), but yes, the engineering traits are very poor - to the point that the helms are inferior to much lower item level items :frowning: