Are aberations such as Orgozoa included in sims?

As above, id like to know whether i should farm the benthic belt for progress


Simple answer? Benthic gear is too powerfull, you should farm all of them. Now if you have a 450 with socket belt maybe that is the same dps increase as the abberation belt.

Sorry my question wasn’t very well worded.

What I meant to ask is ; Are aberrations factored into the simulate profile?

I was looking for an option similar to the existing one for EP and gift of the loa, but for aberration presence as I’m progressing on Orgozoa

We have not modeled the aberration damage increase – but you can just do the math in your head: it is a flat percent increase in damage across the board, applied to almost everything. So take your simulated DPS and multiply it by 1.03 (or whatever the percent is… don’t have the item in front of me atm… it’s 2% or 3% DPS increase I think).

Thanks for the reply

Unless you got crazy luck on a belt with a socket and tertiary stat you’ll be wanting to use a socketed Benthic belt for the flat 2% extra damage.
The optimizer picks the other belt, ( the physical damage and more threat one) over my 445 belt when I check the In Eternal Palace box on the setup page. If that one is better in there the aberration belt will be even stronger in the raid when fighting aberrations.