Are AMR Discipline raid healing gear recommendations correct?


When I use AMR BiB feature as Discipline Priest with default “Raid healing” gearing strategy it gives me following stat priorities (it doesn’t change for higher item levels):
AMR(Raid): Versatility >> Critical Strike >> Mastery > Haste

This is almost complete opposite to recommendations from other sites, where everybody values Haste above other secondary stats and crit is mostly second:
Warcraft Priests (Raid): Int > Haste > Crit => Versatiliy = Mastery
Icy-veins: Intellect > Haste > Critical Strike > Mastery > Versatility
AutomaticJak (Raid): Intellect > Haste > Critical Strike > Mastery (flat) > Versatility > Mastery (procced)
Noxxic: Intellect > Haste > Mastery > Versatility >= Crit

Is this a bug?

This isn’t a bug. We include the value of all healing effects, including effects like pain suppression, leniency, damage reduction from versatility, etc. That causes the value of crit/haste to go down a bit since they don’t scale with those stats and the value of versatility to go up. We are the only people using simulation to value gear for healers as well, which often leads to different suggestions than other sources of information because we are able to use a more complete model of the game.

All the healers I’ve talked to who use the advice from our site have successful results in-game. I also main a priest and use the suggestions from the site and do extremely well.

Think of our advice as another viable way to play the game that has solid data to back it up. There is more than one way to play a healer and be good!


Does the simulation for discipline priest do the atonement ramp up + evangelism + all-out-dps prior to a big hit mechanics (does such mechanics exist in the sim?).

What would really help is some more in-depth description of how simulation works for tanks and healers with specifics to each spec individually. Even if this is true sometimes it’s hard to accept and ppl thinking that “oh they must have disregarded this and that in their model”

From my point of view:
You could do a boss script that allow the discipline to shine better.
The point isn’t to prouve for the 1% best healer the gear they should use but allow a gear choice for most situation.
So base on that, the best choice for disci could be haste if you have the situation for it; other heal integreated your role and the boss allowing it. It’s probably the gear (according to AMR) that avoid the least error with a basic healing rotation.

Also if you are looking to the stats distribution provided by AMR you will see that “haste” as the worst case 10% HPS under the rest. So it isn’t that bad.

Then what would you prefer ? Give you the best scenario and the gear with it where you could do very good sometimes and very bad other time ? Or doing average healing often ?

Sienss =D

We use the Vectus encounter for our raid healing simulations, so you are basically doing constant raid healing, with a periodic bursts that have to be healed up. The phase 2 gives you some time to heal a bit lighter.